For over 30 years we are interested in CATERPILLAR - KOMATSU and other business machines spare part sales. During that time length, realizing the manufacture of widespread of spare parts in high quality in fason style on the other hand making import from high quality brands we offered them to our clients and we gained success. In our domestic sales always preserving our client's time and cash supply we survived until contemporary present time. In our exports realizing delivery in the possible soonest time we always deserved appreciation of our clients.

In the year 2003 executing a new reorganization, we oriented to weighted VOLVO business machine spare parts. And as you can find out in our website we sold plenty of our OEM and DOMESTIC MANUFACTURING Volvo components from our inventory to our clients.

Apart from OEM, IMPORT and DOMESTIC MANUFACTURING spare parts with the aim of providing technical information, technical assistance and spare part information you can call with no hesitation.

Apart from our present mentioned operation also in association with our contracted service we reached to client satisfaction. Also with respect to your fixation requirements likewise on-site maintenance and engine, gear, deferential you can gain support from us by the virtue of our expert craftsmen